Learn To Play Bowls

Ladies Bowls

So you think you would like to learn how to play Lawn Bowls???

You have watched the television games and become fascinated with how easy it looks.

For some it is easy, for most it is 'practice makes perfect'.

But first where do I start?

At South Cronulla Bowling and Recreation Club we have both men's and women's coaches who are accredited with Sports Australia.

We offer FREE coaching to the beginner and you will usually need a few lessons to attain a standard that will enable you to join in the social fun.

NOW is the time to ring for an appointment; (02) 9523 3401 after 4.00pm. We can lend you bowls and the initial lesson will address any questions that you may have. Refer to our schedule for a list of available games.

WELCOME to the new modern game of Lawn Bowls.