Barefoot Bowls

What is "Barefoot bowls"? You play a casual game of bowls with NO SHOES! Yes, back to basics. You may choose to wear sox, or flat sole thongs, but most choose NO SHOES. This feeling of freedom tends to relax most players who then join in the fun and frivolity that soon occurs.

Barefoot Bowling

The game can be connected with any type of activity. We had a memorable wedding at the Club where the bride hitched her skirts and led her guests on to the green. At the other end of the scale we have an annual event where a local company of 12 returns to battle it out until the sun sets.

As a corporate function the format is a great way to create a friendly rivalry and bonding situation between the players.

We can accommodate up to 100 bowlers, but by rotating the teams more players can enjoy the fun.

Drinks are served at the bar at traditional Club prices.

Bookings for barefoot bowls are essential, just phone 0431 228 960 or email