Upcoming State events

Entries are now open for the following events that may be of interest to Club members:

NSW State Reserve Triples (players graded 5,6,7) 22,23,29 June

NSW State Senior Triples (players aged 60 and over) 22,23,29 June

NSW State Reserve Singles 6,7,20,21 July

NSW State Seniors Singles 6,7,20,21 July

NSW Veterans Singles (players aged 70 as at 6th July 2019) 6,7,20,21 July

Entry fee is $10 and entry needs to be made via the Club.  Please let Pato or Simon know if you are interested

These events are a great opportunity to improve your bowls and the Club encourages all members to take part.  As NSW events, these events take precedence over Club matches and players may seek a deference of club matches where required.